Man Made Machines help to save time and energy in the fast pace world

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Published: 04th June 2013
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Humans have always looked for easier methods to do things. They have explored various sciences and come up with tools to help them through every activity. Starting from the invention of the wheels and the crowbar, over time, we have developed various gadgets to serve us and help us with our everyday needs. As technology advances, gadgets were invented to not only help with our basic needs, but also do a better and safer job than what can be done by a mere human. The hand dryer is one such machine that helps to do a better job than what can be done by us.

One might thing that it is absurd that we have become too lazy to even wipe our hands after washing them, that we have the need to rely on a machine to do it for us, but that is not the case. The hand dryer is a simple electronic device, now found in most restrooms, which blows at air at an optimal force so as to dry your hands after washing them. Some of them start with a press of a button, but now-a-days, most of them have infra-red sensors fixed in them which senses your hand placed under them and begin the drying process. Push button dryers have become almost completely obsolete now.

The primary advantage of hand dryers is that they are more environment friendly than paper towels and tissues. While tissues and paper towels are made from trees (which are cut down), hand dryers are purely electronic. Also, the waste factor has to be considered. Paper towels and tissues make up a major part of the restroom waste. They are used and thrown, sometimes not even in the bin, making the room messy and dirty. Also, hand dryers give a more sophisticated look to the restroom.

Another main concern for people is hygiene. Paper towels are a breeding ground for bacteria. Hand dryers ensure that your wet hands need not touch any object and risk the passing on germs. Paper towels are often left in the roll, and the roll was probably touched by the person before you, who maybe didnít wash his hands even. The thought itself is sickening. Else, sometimes, the paper rolls arenít there, or the tissue dispenser is empty. Out of laziness, we end up wiping our hands on our pants. Again, a messy and unclean practice. But with hand dryers, there needs to be no such concern. There is no physical contact with the machine, therefore ensuring that you are not subjected to contact with germs. Hot air is directed at your hands and that takes away the moisture, leaving you clean and dry. In case of the automatic dryers with sensors, which are primarily used now, there is no need to even push a button with your wet fingers. Similarly, with paper towels, there is a chance of over flowing waste paper baskets. These are a heaven for mosquitoes and cockroaches. You will be avoiding so much litter by the simple task of installing a hand dryer. Not only are u avoiding unnecessary use of paper, you are also avoiding unnecessary litter.

In case of cost too, hand dryers are proven to consume lesser money than the paper towels. It would fit nicely into the budget. This is because it is a onetime buy. They may seem to be cheap and a quick buy, unlike paper towels which has to be replenished in regular intervals (at most a week), the hand dryer once installed need not be bothered about until the yearly maintenance. One can find a good quality hand dryer in Mumbai with much of ease. Also, the hand dryer is a more sophisticated and classy fix for your restroom when compared to paper towels. These machines are not complicated, and therefore rarely face problems or issues. The Hand Dryers supplier in Mumbai will take care of the yearly cleaning and maintenance.

Hand dryers in India are becoming more and more used. The concern for health and safety is rising in the country and this is a good first step in ensuring that Hand Dryers manufactures in Mumbai can be easily found and contacted and the machine can be installed. This may seem to be a trivial part of our daily life, but it is indeed a big health concern that we should take into consideration.

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